Inuktitut Qaujimajjutit

Iqaluit, May 29.

Iqaluit, May 29.

Here’s a worthy endeavour, from an interesting private firm in Iqaluit called Pirurvik.

It’s a new phrase-book aimed at helping non-Inuktitut speakers learn some basic bits and pieces of the Inuit language. Leena Evic, the woman in the picture, along with other Pirurvik principals, including Gavin Nesbitt, unveiled it yesterday.

It’s entitled Inuktitut Essentials, or Inuktitut Qaujimajjutit, and is available now at the Arctic Ventures and Malikkaat stores in Iqaluit for $39.95.

Pirurvik says they’ll also post information about it on a new website they’re planning launch over the next couple of weeks.

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