The King of Greenland



A vastly over-refreshed ex-premier of Greenland, Jonathon Motzfeldt, got himself and his Siumut party into a spot of bother last month.

The fading septuagenarian was not quite himself this past May 16, when a helicopter crew deemed him too tired and emotional to endure yet another grueling flight.

Sermitsiaq tells the sorry tale this way:

Motzfeldt became so irate that he had to be led away by two men, while he shouted that he was the “King of Greenland.”

In Nunavut, such stories have been burnished into legend by repeated retellings.

Even your humble content provider recalls a certain high office-holder in Nunavut who the RCMP were required to remove from a certain Iqaluit watering hole some years back.

More than one Iqaluit resident remembers the aforementioned office-holder’s defiant battle-cry: “You can’t arrest me. I’m the King of Nunavut.”

And it is said that while in overnight detention, he breathed new life into the literal meaning of the phrase “shit the bed.”

Oh yes. Motzfeldt failed to win a seat.

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