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James Connolly: June 5, 1868 — May 12, 1916

James Connolly: June 5, 1868 — May 12, 1916

The British government committed one of the great blunders of history when they tied this man to a chair and executed him on May 12, 1916 for the part he played in the Easter Rising.

Born this day in 1868, James Connolly advocated the kinds of universal values that have all but disappeared from the paranoid, reactionary movement that still insists on calling itself the “Left:”

For, as we have said elsewhere, socialism is neither Protestant nor Catholic, Christian nor Freethinker, Buddhist, Mahometan, nor Jew; it is only Human. We of the socialist working class realise that as we suffer together we must work together that we may enjoy together.

I think if he had to do it all over again, Connolly would not have taken part in the Easter Rising, another historic blunder that most Irish people at that time did not support. It was led, more or less, by the appalling Patrick Pearse, whose project would have turned the legitimate aspirations of the Irish into a blood-soaked fascist death cult.

I also wonder what Connolly would have thought of the priest-ridden theocratic backwater that Ireland became after the civil war ended in 1923, where enormities like this were allowed to thrive.

James Connolly was a great man. But his ill-fated life contains a cautionary message more vital today than ever before: beware of ethnic nationalism.

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  1. e mandela says:

    let the fight go on nothing has changed in ireland for the working class .thacther broke the unions let take it back and get the workers back on the streets to fight back

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