Good reading for northern policy geeks

Good reading for policy geeks.

Good reading for policy geeks.

Last weekend in Iqaluit, the Institute for  Research on Public Policy launched a fine new book: Northern Exposure: Peoples, Powers and Prospects in Canada’s North.

You can buy it here, for $49.95.

In it, you’ll find scholarly essays by people like Frances Abele, Rob Huebert, Franklyn Griffiths, Graham White, Greg Poelzer and Richard van Loon. You’ll also find non-academic essays from a variety of Inuit and Dene office-holders and  contributions from members of the Arctic consultant class, such as Tony Pennikett and Terry Fenge.

It’s not the kind of book that you’re likely to read from cover to cover. Its chapters vary in quality, from respectable to brilliant.

But the Arctic sovereignty piece by Franklyn Griffiths, a PDF of which you can download from this link, is worth the price of the whole book. Your humble content provider will likely blabber about it later, in a post that is yet to be composed.

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