How to beat Northwestel

iGetter: a download lifesaver.

iGetter: a download lifesaver.

This is for long-suffering users of Northwestel’s appalling DSL service in Iqaluit.

You’re all familiar with it’s declining speeds and frequent unexplained network interruptions, which now occur every five minutes or so, cutting you off from the internet for periods ranging from a few seconds to many hours. And you’re familiar with how all this interrupts the downloading of big files, such as essential operating system upgrades and new software.

This program is for you. It’s called iGetter. You can download it here.

Written and distributed by a small firm in Bulgaria, it resumes downloads automatically after they fail due to network interruptions.

Its most recent version works with Mac OS X 10.2 later. But there’s also a version that works with the most recent flavours of Windows, should you be of that persuasion.

It’s worth every penny of its $25 USD shareware fee. Take that, Northwestel.

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3 Responses to How to beat Northwestel

  1. Townie says:

    As useful as that program is, I’m sure, I would just prefer a decent internet that actually worked. I can even put up with the cap quota, if only it was reliable and ran at a decent speed.

  2. jamesbell5 says:

    Well I agree, Craig. The Northwestel DSL service wasn’t too bad when they launched in 2003 or so, but it’s gone downhill since — especially over the past year or two…

    They’ve got too many customers sharing too little bandwidth and they haven’t upgraded their system to meet the growth in demand.

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