Nothing she’s not used to

A rather naive observation from Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt on Leona Aglukkaq, as reported in the Canadian Press:

“Oh, God, she’s such a capable woman, but it’s hard for her to come out of a co-operative government into this rough-and-tumble. She had a question in the House yesterday, or two days ago, that planked. I really hope she never gets anything hot.”

Having spent the previous four years inside Nunavut’s most popular cage-fight venue, better known as the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut, Leona ought to be used to this by now.

In northern Canada’s chaotic political culture, Ciceronian orators do not thrive, but knife-in-the-back predators grow by the dozen. Some of the dirtiest elections you’ll ever see have occurred within Nunavut communities.

The biggest difference between Nunavut and Ottawa is that in Nunavut, our hypocritical politicians keep their skulduggery below the surface, then put on a show of unity when in public.

I expect Leona’s plotting her revenge even as I type this.

Having said that, Raitt and her erstwhile staff member do make one trenchant observation, which you can hear on the Halifax Chronicle-Herald’s web site.

That’s the stuff at the beginning of the tape, where they suggest Leona’s staff may be shielding her from public exposure, and that she may be overly-reliant on her department’s officials.

These practices, of course, are commonplace in Nunavut.

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3 Responses to Nothing she’s not used to

  1. Glad to have you in the blogosphere!

    I reacted the same way as you to Raitt’s comments about the GN’s cooperative nature. Obviously, she hasn’t been to Iqaluit…or if she has, she didn’t pay much attention.

  2. Helen Krause says:

    Is Lisa Raitt Canada’s Sarah Palin?

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