Tomorrow, I’m watching Don Newman

Your humble content provider doesn’t care how many crises erupt in his office tomorrow — he’s going home early to watch the final broadcast of Politics with Don Newman, on Newsworld at 5:00 p.m.

I’ll miss Don Newman’s cool-headed, good-natured interviewing style, his voluminous erudition and his old-fashioned caramel vowels.

(Newman also deserves a pat on the back for helping out with the St. Judes Cathedral fundraising campaign.)

He knows how to ask tough questions in a detached, respectful manner and rarely makes the mistake of engaging his interview subjects in direct debate. He sticks to issues and positions and never attacks the person. Don Newman’s Politics never degenerated into a shout show.

But when confronted with arrant nonsense, he wasn’t afraid to expose it.

Watch Don Newman give a Grade 10 civics lesson to the oleaginous John Baird:

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