Born this day

I first heard the music of Eric Dolphy on a Charles Mingus album I bought when I was an awkward, troubled 16-year-old boy.

I know. I’m aware of the redundancy embedded within the last sentence. All 16-year-old boys are awkward and troubled. What I know is this: when he put his instrument to his lips he blew with a spirit that kept me alive, a spirit of hope and freedom.

“This human thing in instrumental playing has to do with trying to get as much human warmth and feeling into my work as I can. I want to say more on my horn than I ever could in ordinary speech.”

— Eric Dolphy: June 20, 1928 — June 29, 1964

Dolphy was born June 20, 1928 and died way too young. I think somebody somewhere on the internet should say something about that.

This clip my not be to your taste — but after all these years it sure still does it for me.

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