Mitch Taylor doesn’t deserve this

Mitch Taylor’s views on climatology may be eccentric.

But they do not justify this: Polar bear expert barred by global warmists.

He’s not a climatologist. He’s a polar bear biologist. His views on climatology are irrelevant to the question of which polar bear sub-populations are increasing or decreasing. And no one has ever questioned the quality of his polar bear population surveys, which makes him worth listening to on polar bear population issues.

The members of the Polar Bear Specialist Group aren’t climatologists either. Their views on climate change are also irrelevant to the question of which polar bear sub-populations are increasing or decreasing.

This is the case even if they happen to have embraced the scientific consensus on climate change and he hasn’t.

It’s highly probable that Taylor is dead wrong about climate change. But this does not justify his exclusion from a scientific debate about polar bear populations.

Scientists and other academics like to project a commitment to the civilized debate of competing opinions. In reality, they fight their petty quarrels with the same vicious thuggery that’s common to us all. The PBSG’s foolish exclusion of Taylor represents the worst kind of irrationality. But I don’t expect them to ever acknowledge the simple ad hominem fallacy that lies at the heart of their decision.

(Incidentally, Taylor agrees with the PBSG that the Western Hudson Bay sub-group is in decline and that reduced hunting quotas there are justified. The Government of Nunavut shares that view. Only the Kivalliq Inuit Association and its subsidiary groups aren’t part of that consensus, but theirs is likely a lost cause.)

The worst unintended consequence of the PBSG’s decison on Taylor is that it strengthens the hand of climate change deniers, as is evidenced by the gleeful tone of the Daily Telegraph article.

The author, one Christopher Brooke, refers to “global warmists,” as if they’re all true believers in some cultish ideology.

Well, that’s what happens when you act like an ideologue instead of a scientist. You get treated like an ideologue.

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1 Response to Mitch Taylor doesn’t deserve this

  1. ken says:

    The planned upcoming polar bear scare report is the reason he is being silenced. The Polar Bear Specialist Group people have fallen behind the public on this thing, the public does not believe these scare reports anymore, and they now do a lot of damage to our green movement. This kind of report worked last year but not anymore. I think this Taylor fellow should be allowed to speak and be heard. Squelching debate has done so much damage to our credibility over the years that the ACES climate legislation is still in danger of being dropped when it gets to the US Senate. We need to show some integrity now, the public is awake and watching.

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