Qanuq isumavit?

Here’s another exercise in self-instruction — your humble content provider’s first online opinion poll.

Before filling it out, you may wish to read some scribblings I posted this morning in connection with my day job. The editorial is not “objective.” It takes the position that the people of Nunavut should choose Nunavut’s next senator in an election.

But maybe you think differently. That’s okay. You can say so below. Just click on your choice and press “vote.”

And don’t be shy about leaving a comment either… 🙂

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3 Responses to Qanuq isumavit?

  1. John says:

    While it wasn’t an option on your poll, I’m inclined to think the next senator should be chosen by lottery. We might get a better outcome if we leave it to the Fates rather than the Furies.

  2. jamesbell5 says:

    Thanks, John — when I think of some of the names that are getting bandied about sometimes, I think a lottery might be better too… 🙂

  3. Throbbin says:

    Heaven forbid the Leg elects the Senator.

    A Nunavut-wide election would be nice. But that begs the question – would they be running for parties? Campaigns? Debates? Political advertising?

    A nice non-partisan election would be good. I think they should also have to answer a few skill testing questions.

    However, I’m not huge on Senate reform. Any overhaul of the senate-appointment/election processes should be nationwide, and nor piecemeal.

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