The Corpse, classy as ever

Your humble content provider took a look at Canada’s third-most-watched evening news show last night, noting the Corpse dispatched two southern-based hacks to follow this year’s version of Stephen Harper’s annual northern junket.

One of them, somebody by the name of Steve Fischer, reported that last week’s pictures of two kids sleeping in filth at Iqaluit’s Northmart store “were first broadcast on CBC.”


But I guess that’s to be expected from a sinking Crown corporation that starts its flagship news show off with a weather story.

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2 Responses to The Corpse, classy as ever

  1. Megan says:

    Here’s what’s REALLY pathetic about that: Nobody cares. It’s an outright lie about something that doesn’t even matter to viewers. Nobody who watches CBC (other than a very very tiny group of us) cares or even notices who publishes first.

    Bad CBC! Bad!

  2. says:

    I actually watched the story by mr fischer, and noticed when he mentioned that… my reaction was ‘i thought it was nunatsiaq news who got the pic first’. Don’t like their ‘cover the north with our best from the south’ plan, with capable staff in Iqaluit CBC should save some money and put those guys to work.
    Mind you, they’re also covering Nunavut from a tv studio from Yellowknife, so using the southern hacks probably makes sense in the warped CBC universe…

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