Worth reading

In a pretty good online discussion in the Globe and Mail Aug. 19, Natan Obed, director of Nunavut Tunngavik’s social and cultural department, gives reason to believe that NTI isn’t yet beyond salvation:

NTI, the GN, and the Federal Government are partners for better or worse. I think that as partners, there needs to be more clearly defined roles and responsibilities in the area of social and cultural issues. Inuit organizations have a huge role to play in ensuring a healthy population. The GN and the Federal government have important roles to play in ensuring Nunavut has the essential tools to function.

I think the three partners have a long way to go to achieve the sort of positive, streamlined, and helpful relationship which will allow for sustained success.

(The Globe put the text of the discussion into a Flash movie near the bottom of the page. You have to press the start button to read it. You can safely ignore the comments section, where the Globe’s daily swarm of slobbering knuckle-draggers type their usual nonsense at each other.)

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