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No one like this in Canada

What are the chances of Canada ever seeing a foreign affairs minister like Alexander Stubb of Finland? Not only does he read books, he’s written nine of them. He owns three university degrees and publishes numerous articles in newspapers and … Continue reading

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The IFAW goes for a reindeer ride

That $100-million-a-year fundraising business known as the International Fund for Animal Welfare has now set its sights on the Peary and Dolphin-Union caribou herds. The Peary caribou range lies entirely within Nunavut, while the Dolphin-Union herd’s range straddles the boundary … Continue reading

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Older than Iqaluit…

Dame Vera Lynn, 92,  still reigns as a pop star, apparently. She says she’s “surprised.” In 1942, when the U.S. air force built the foundation for what soon became the town of Iqaluit, millions of people throughout the English-speaking world already … Continue reading

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Also on this day…

The other Sept. 11.

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I’m shocked! Shocked!

As if this was the first time a married politician ever found a girlfriend — or boyfriend.

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“The Arctic as we know it may soon be a thing of the past.”

Well, that’s what one respected IPY researcher says.

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The best kind of sordid boondoggle: an instructive one

It seems that a once-viable sports hunt company in Nunavik, Tuttulik Outfitters, now lies frozen in a state of suspended animation, while some 280 pissed-off caribou hunters feel like some grifter’s just run a game on them. Not too surprising, … Continue reading

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Useful actions, empty rhetoric

An acid-tinged piece in Maclean’s from Paul Wells, who says the Harper government’s activities in the Arctic are useful — but supported by vacuous rhetoric. This may be the best op-ed I’ve read on the issue. (Maclean’s first posted this … Continue reading

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Obama starts his counterattack

From his Labour Day speech today at an AFL-CIO picnic in Cincinnati, a rehearsal likely, for a far more important speech he’ll give to a joint session of Congress two days from now: The big question, of course, is how … Continue reading

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Nunavut’s biggest health problem: poverty

So argues the doctor and novelist Kevin Patterson, author of Consumption, in this science article published Sept. 5 in the Globe and Mail: Influenza has a cure – it’s affluence Genetic theories are often used to explain — usually without … Continue reading

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