The thing speaks for itself

The Baffin Correctional Centre

The Baffin Correctional Centre

A trained professional in charge of public safety warns his employer that a certain building poses grave dangers to those who live and work in it. He does this over and over again.

The bumbling amateurs who run this government ignore, then fire the aforesaid trained professional. Remember: this government’s most hallowed tradition is its use of instant dismissal and career destruction to muzzle those who express inconvenient thoughts, especially in public.

I could drone for thousands of words about the moral bankruptcy of the Nunavut project, those who run it and those who feed themselves by exploiting its numerous dysfunctions. I’m pretty sure there’s an apt quote from John Stuart Mill or someone like him that could illustrate this vile story and that I could drone on about that also.

But in the case of Tony Noakes Jr., ex-Nunavut fire marshall, the thing speaks for itself.

Here’s an interview he gave May 13 on As It Happens. To hear it, just press the play button on the right:

You can find a higher bit-rate version of the podcast here, on CBC’s website:
CBC Radio | As It Happens | The Best of As It Happens Podcast

And for background, you’ll get your money’s worth out of this:
Nunavut fire chief dismissed after reporting dangers of Iqaluit jail — The Globe and Mail

And this:
NunatsiaqOnline 2010-05-12: NEWS: Nunavut dismisses whistle-blowing fire marshal

For more context, there’s this:
NunatsiaqOnline 2010-05-03: NEWS: Nunavut prison is hell for inmates and staff alike

And also this:
NunatsiaqOnline 2010-05-03: NEWS: Overcrowded Nunavut jail reaches the boiling point

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