Greenland lifts ban on uranium exploration

Note that the Greenland government’s justification for doing this is to help an Australian firm called Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd. extract rare earths, which cannot be mined without also mining uranium, from a deposit in the southwest of the country called Kvanefjeld.

But the regulatory change also invites the company to prepare a plan to mine uranium — as Greenland’s nationalist project accelerates.

By Matthew Walls

Greenland’s government Thursday partially changed a decades-old ban on uranium mining in one of its most significant acts since gaining limited autonomy from Denmark a year ago…

…Months of intense debate within the country and negotiations with mining companies preceded the decision as the government sought to balance environmental concerns with the need for revenue to wean Greenland off Danish aid, a necessary step towards achieving full independence…

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And below, a report from Greenland Minerals firm that points out that in any future mining proposal, they would extract uranium as a byproduct. Their real interest lies in the their huge rare earths deposit.

Still, it’s interesting that the company’s proposal to end Greenland’s zero-tolerance policy on uranium exploration and mining won the support of the regional municipal council and the country’s national trade union.

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