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A defeat for decency

This past May, it started with this: Ce projet créera inévitablement une augmentation majeure de la criminalité dans votre voisinage, prostitution, trafic de drogues tel que le crack et les méthamphetamines, présence de seringues, de condoms, de tessons de bouteilles … Continue reading

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Was the Clipper Adventurer cruising towards the land of liability?

Many of you will have read about the luxury Arctic cruise vessel Clipper Adventurer and its recent misadventure in the Northwest Passage, when, on Aug. 27, it ran aground about 100 kilometres off Kugluktuk, putting 128 passengers and crew at … Continue reading

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Concerning rats, garbage and credit cards

Most of you will have heard by now that Paul Kaludjak, the president of Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., now finds himself under suspension for misuse of an NTI corporate credit card. Such scandals do not surprise your humble content provider. (Note: … Continue reading

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The press versus “the media”

Today we say media instead of “the press.” But it’s a mistake. The press has become the ghost of democracy in the media machine, and we need to keep it alive. It’s refreshing to find someone willing to explain the … Continue reading

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The virtues of Twitter

1. Brevity You learn to say big things in few words. For a news writer, this ranks with the highest of virtues. 2. Self improvement Its long streams of links give you quick access every day to thousands of newly-posted … Continue reading

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When newspapers were not pitied

From Deadline—U.S.A., 1952, starring Humphrey Bogart, Ethel Barrymore and Kim Hunter, directed by Richard Brooks.

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Okay — but how do you make money out of it?

Bill Doskoch posts some links to articles that find news websites boosting visitor traffic by building a presence on Facebook. Yes, even for the tiny newspaper that I work for, this appears to be the case. But how do you … Continue reading

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Habito una utopía que no es mía

The title of this post is a quotation from a Twitter feed maintained by Yoani Sánchez of Havana, Cuba — one of the world’s most distinguished bloggers: “I inhabit a utopia that is not mine.” She started her blog in … Continue reading

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Useful actions, empty rhetoric

An acid-tinged piece in Maclean’s from Paul Wells, who says the Harper government’s activities in the Arctic are useful — but supported by vacuous rhetoric. This may be the best op-ed I’ve read on the issue. (Maclean’s first posted this … Continue reading

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An instructive discussion

An instructive discussion from John E. McIntyre on the vice of credulity and the virtue of skepticism.

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