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Be grateful for small mercies


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I love YouTube because…

…you can watch Jack Kerouac give an interview in French: …or go on the Steve Allen Show to read from On the Road:

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Baffin business group: CBC food mail piece off the mark?

The Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce — or some of its members — got pretty nervous after hearing the May 17 CBC National story on Ottawa’s proposed revamp of the food mail program. The essence of the story was that … Continue reading

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Just in: Canada Post to lose food mail program

On The National late yesterday evening: The government is expected to make an announcement this week that North West Company, Arctic Co-operatives Limited and La Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec will be provided with the multi-million dollar subsidy instead of … Continue reading

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The thing speaks for itself

A trained professional in charge of public safety warns his employer that a certain building poses grave dangers to those who live and work in it. He does this over and over again. The bumbling amateurs who run this government … Continue reading

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The Corpse, classy as ever

Your humble content provider took a look at Canada’s third-most-watched evening news show last night, noting the Corpse dispatched two southern-based hacks to follow this year’s version of Stephen Harper’s annual northern junket. One of them, somebody by the name … Continue reading

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Tomorrow, I’m watching Don Newman

Your humble content provider doesn’t care how many crises erupt in his office tomorrow — he’s going home early to watch the final broadcast of Politics with Don Newman, on Newsworld at 5:00 p.m. I’ll miss Don Newman’s cool-headed, good-natured … Continue reading

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