Another evening’s plans, wrecked by the lure of a book…

Im an agnostic when it comes to booksellers, online or otherwise, but the Chapters-Indigo price for this one beats Amazon by more than $10.

… because I downloaded this from Kobo: Wilfred Laurier by André Pratte.

And now I can’t stop reading.

“Even more than his predecessors, Laurier had to confront the demons of intolerance and prejudice that constantly threatened the work of the Fathers of Confederation and that still rear their heads today. And it was Laurier who, better than anyone before or since, showed Canadians the only path possible, that of compromise. Today, as in that time, it is also the most arduous path, and those who follow it have more enemies than admirers, especially in the linguistic, religious, ethnic or regional community they belong to, because they refuse to be confined by allegiance or to give in to emotion or narrow mindedness.”

The last sentence of that paragraph deserves to be set off by itself:

“If Canada still exists today, it is because there have always been Canadians who felt that Laurier was right, that compromise is not surrender or cowardice, but rather daring and courage.”

I got myself seduced into buying this book by way of two articles: this one — and this one.

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