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The thing speaks for itself

A trained professional in charge of public safety warns his employer that a certain building poses grave dangers to those who live and work in it. He does this over and over again. The bumbling amateurs who run this government … Continue reading

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The virtues of Twitter

1. Brevity You learn to say big things in few words. For a news writer, this ranks with the highest of virtues. 2. Self improvement Its long streams of links give you quick access every day to thousands of newly-posted … Continue reading

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Okay — but how do you make money out of it?

Bill Doskoch posts some links to articles that find news websites boosting visitor traffic by building a presence on Facebook. Yes, even for the tiny newspaper that I work for, this appears to be the case. But how do you … Continue reading

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There ought to be a law…

The only country in continental Europe whose entire land mass sits north of the 60th parallel, Finland, will pass a law making access to broadband internet a legal right for all citizens. It’s aimed at bringing quality internet access to … Continue reading

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New website for Up Here Business

And a pretty good design, too: http://www.upherebusiness.ca/

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The, um, er, future of journalism…

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A world without gatekeepers

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Couple of good community journalism sites

In this one you’ll find simple, practical advice to help individuals or community groups create and maintain their own websites. With that as a guide, anyone in any Nunavut or Nunavik community could start building their own website in just … Continue reading

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As for my day-job…

…I’ve been busy all last week with a couple of time-consuming projects, including this one: Nunatsiaq Online. The main idea is to morph it into a quasi-daily news service — for us that’s an adventurous ride into the unknown. The … Continue reading

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Northwestel revisited

Your humble content provider found a fascinating letter from Northwestel in his mailbox last week. The letter requires him to revise his unkind remarks of June 7. “Dear James,” the letter says. “Over the past few months Northwestel has worked … Continue reading

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