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What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum. Earlier today, the organ I work for received this: News Tip from Retired Sailor: April on the national news the leader of the Liberal party was commenting on the G20 spending. In that comment, … Continue reading

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Inukshukification for the nation

I never believed until now that inanimate rocks were capable of reproduction: “The Inukshukification of Highway 69.” In addition, I’ve found some strange ones myself:

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What I want for Christmas

A Lego Arctic set:

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Political science

Much to my amusement, I read today that the people of Reykjavik, Iceland last month elected a comedian to serve as their next mayor. Jon Gnarr, 43, who contested the election on behalf of new formation called the “Best Party,” … Continue reading

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The vices of Twitter

1. Indolence Who can calculate the hundreds of hours you waste on the obsessive re-checking of one’s Twitter feed? I’m too embarrassed to find out. 2. Procrastination This, of course, is the handmaiden of indolence. Things you should do don’t … Continue reading

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The virtues of Twitter

1. Brevity You learn to say big things in few words. For a news writer, this ranks with the highest of virtues. 2. Self improvement Its long streams of links give you quick access every day to thousands of newly-posted … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different…

It’s their 40th anniversary this month.

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More puerile humour…

…which, of course, is the very best kind. To ensure I stay within the bounds of the fair use principle, please visit the Ottawa Sun to view more fine cartoons. And if you want to enjoy the best political cartoonist … Continue reading

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If I ever took a whole weekend off…

…Sunday night would be kinda like this:

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The, um, er, future of journalism…

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