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The thing speaks for itself

A trained professional in charge of public safety warns his employer that a certain building poses grave dangers to those who live and work in it. He does this over and over again. The bumbling amateurs who run this government … Continue reading

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Habito una utopía que no es mía

The title of this post is a quotation from a Twitter feed maintained by Yoani Sánchez of Havana, Cuba — one of the world’s most distinguished bloggers: “I inhabit a utopia that is not mine.” She started her blog in … Continue reading

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Sentence I wish I wrote

In a society marked by punishments against those who express their opinions, neither fools nor children say what they think, only drunkards. — Yoani Sanchez, Generation Y Quoted from today’s post: Antihero.

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Tehran, June 15

None of us know all the potentialities that slumber in the spirit of the population, or all the ways in which that population can surprise us when there is the right interplay of events. — Vaclav Havel

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What you won’t read in Granma

I was about to say something whiny about Northwestel, Qiniq, and the sorry state of internet service in Nunavut. Then I read this: At the Meliá Cohiba And this: Cuba: Bloggers Gather In Spite of the Challenges And this: Cuba … Continue reading

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